Code of Ethics

We accept and acknowledge that membership in the Maine Association of Chimney Service Professionals carries with it certain responsibilities and obligations.  In this regard we pledge to:

Cultivate by perception and example, in our service community, the enlightened use of solid-fuel heating appliances and develop in our customers as well as general public, a respect for safety in the installation, operation, and maintenance of all combustion appliances and their venting systems.

Conduct ourselves in a decent, respectful, and professional manner in our capacity as chimney professionals; continually updating our knowledge, skills, and techniques; and run our companies in compliance with all Codes and Regulations applicable to the chimney service industry in our service areas.

Render our services as well-informed and articulate professionals; represent our companies in an honest and fair manner; refrain from engaging in deceptive practices or making any deceptive statements; and ensure to the best of our knowledge and ability that all we have claimed to do has been done.

Endorse that use of liability insurance to assure protection for our clients, our businesses and ourselves.

We agree to dedicate ourselves to these principles during the term of our membership. We understand that failure to abide by these ethical obligations is a violation of MACSP policy and may result in disciplinary action. We agree to hold harmless the MACSP organization and its officers from liability resulting from any disciplinary action taken against. our firms for us.